About Dr. Bruce Lish

Dr. Bruce LishDr. Bruce Lish of the New York metro area divides his time between providing experienced, patient-oriented dental care and running philanthropies that serve children and families. The recipient of a doctor of dental surgery from the College of Dentistry at New York University, Dr. Lish established his family and implant dentistry practice in 1996. At his clinic, he and his staff deliver comprehensive family dental care designed to make a trip to the dentist a fun and enjoyable experience. Since 2000, he has also operated as director of the division of dentistry at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, where he runs a general practice dentistry residency.

As a philanthropist, Dr. Bruce Lish focuses on applying his professional pursuits and his background in entertainment towards helping children. He currently serves as founding director of the Dr. Molar Magic Foundation, which he set up in 2005. Through the Dr. Molar Magic Foundation, Dr. Lish performs magic shows, circus acts, and other forms of entertainment to teach children the value and importance of good oral healthcare. He frequently appears as Dr. Molar Magic at schools, community centers, and health fairs, and he participates in the local hospital clown rounds program.


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